I've been making websites on a freelance basis since 2006. I have experience in design and front end skills, but at heart I'm a back ender. I like working on complex web applications, and my tool of choice is Django.


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My skills



I've been using Django since early 2011. It's a wonderful framework for building applications from the ground up and in my opinion is usually the best tool for building websites involving a lot of customisation, especially more fully featured web applications.


I love Python and use it whenever I have the choice!


I have been building Drupal sites since 2007. I'm very comfortable writing modules and themes and am familiar with lots of contributed modules too. I don't develop in Drupal anymore but I have expertise in it up until Drupal 7.


I'm very confident with PHP, including object oriented programming.


I'm very confident writing SQL queries, especially PostgreSQL and MySQL.



Tidy, standards-compliant fully semantic html.


I use git to version control all my code, and am comfortable with using it on the command line.


I use fabric whenever I can to automate deployment tasks


I have a good amount of experience developing with the Oscar ecommerce framework for Django.

Apache Solr

I've used this on a number of projects, integrating with both Drupal and Django.


I'm comfortable using Twitter Bootstrap to quickly put together responsive websites.


I've used Subversion on some client projects, though Git is my preference.


I have used a lot of CSS in the past but I try to avoid using it now! I know it well enough to know what markup to give the stylers.


I am able to use JQuery, implement AJAX and install and customise various third party libraries. This is not my main area of expertise but I know enough to get simple things done.


I use Ubuntu Linux at home and am very comfortable on the BASH command line.

Some knowledge

Apache server

I have experience with configuring Apache for websites.

Other programming languages

I have a small amount of hobbyist interest in C#, Java, Haskell, Actionscript, Ruby.


I have an eye for design and have designed several websites. I don't do design work, but I always think it helps when putting together a new feature.

Eclipse IDE

I use this for my integrated development environment.